Blue, yellow, Shruthi XT, oops!

The blue LEDs are definately too bright, wow! You could easily see them from the dance floor, maybe that’s a plus, but after staring at them, I end up seeing a yellow bar when I look away. I ended up improvising a bit on a few things, I really need to learn to leave things alone. I have mounted the control board directly to the underside of the front panel and used a ribbon cable to make the connection to the filter board, but removing the original LEDs was a challenge so I have ended up with jumpers running around a bit. Going to be a challenge to put more resistors on there, I need to think about that a bit.

There is one problem that I could use some help with, and I’m not sure if it was there originally because my son was using this particular Shruthi. When I power it up, the filter LED is on, I press one of the other buttons, and the filter LED goes off as planned. Then when I press the filter button again, nothing. No LED, no display. If I turn it off, and turn it back on again, the filter LED is lit and the display is correct for the filter. When I turn the filter-related pots on the front panel, everything behaves as it should. But, press another button, and then try and go back to the filter, and nothing.

If I take the cap off the button and press it and wiggle it around a bit, it works. I have already checked the solder joints and re-heated them so it looks like the button is toast. I didn’t know those things would fail like that.


Thats because you guys all do the same: hit the Filter button and shake Cutoff/Resonance ;-9

I shake everything. Took the easy way out and squirted it with contact cleaner. It worked!


I figure it will go nuts in the middle of a gig.

Solder a BackUp™ Switch to it…

A big red switch!

Or wire 2 Pots to the CVins and map this to F and Q at your LiveGigPatches™. Then you don’t even need to touch the Filter Button!