Blue Shruthi XT to adopt (Still available!)

C’mon Guys, if you are honest, nobody really needs 3 Shruthi XTs. And with the upcoming WASP it would be four. Plus I’m running out of Space. And my Girl is running a Bet with her friends if i have more Synths than she has Handbags by end of April. So i decided to let this one go. Help me Please :wink:

If you are interested, drop me a line…

How much are you hoping to get and which filter is installed?


"Its a Blue 2Ply-Top, White Body Shruthi XT, Blue Display, Black Knobs, Yellow Flat Top LEDs.
It houses a finely tuned SMR-4 MK1 Filter, equipped with a Filter Pole Switch with Indicator LEDs and has inside Space for a 2nd Filter Board (every needed Wire/Connector is already there!) The Shruthi itself is made of rare Blue V0.5 Digital and Blue V0.5 Analog Board running Firmware 0.95. Switch the included SMR-4 Filter from 4 to 2 Poles Mode with the Flick of a Finger. See what you have done by the yellow Flat-Top Indicator LEDs

Pots are smooth running Alpha Style. Knobs are Davies 1900 clones in Black, nicely matches the Encoders Knob. Spacing is a hell of a Load better than with the 22m Vintage Bakelite Knobs. 2 Spare Knobs are included if you plan to be that brutal to this Baby that a Knob breaks or falls off…

The Programmer has a Retina Burner ™ SuperNova Style Blue LED that illuminates the Case in Darkness. The Programmers connection is directly soldered to the Digital Board for reliability. And because Rev 0.5 Boards just don’t have an Expansion Port :wink: For reliability every connection between the 2 Boards and between Boards and the Jacks on the Back are soldered. No more loose Stacking connectors!

Power Cables + the necessary Signals from the Digital Board for the 2nd Filter Board are already there. Just solder Power Cables to your favorite Filter Board, pop in and connect the Stacking Connector Replicator and you are ready to rock with 2 filters simultaneously. The needed Screws are supplied!

It comes complete with an European Style Multivoltage Green Power Supply. Price is 499€ excluding Shipping. If you are interested, drop me a line at fcdaniels (ät) me (dot) com"

that’s a cool price.


Ill throw in this fine Chocolate Bunny if sold for Easter, offer limited till April 9th - then my son gets the Schoki!