Bloc 2012

Longshot, but anyone going to the Bloc Weekend festival in London this weekend? Someone gave me a free ticket (just the one, unfortunately). I don’t know anyone else who’s going, so thought I’d see if any fellow forumites were going to be there.


I’m at 8Bahn Area Festival this weekend.

There are some nice surprises in the Bloc lineup! I advise you to see DMX Krew, Transparent Sound, Ceephax and Arpanet. Have fun :slight_smile:

@flip cool, thanks for the tips. I’m looking forward to Orbital and Amon Tobin- been fans for years. Also Richie Hawtin will be good, I’m sure. Hoping to meet him again this time. It was his visuals guy who gave me the free ticket (long story).

I have a feeling I’m gonna feel like a dinosaur though, at 37.


37? In a Row???