Bliptronic 5000 --> Bliptronome


The kits are to turn a bliptronic 5000 into a bliptronome are sold out :
Does anybody know if someone else make kit to do approximatly the same?


i’ve got a ready-to-use bliptronome to spare. i built it shortly after those kits came out - only to find out that that whole monome thing isn’t for me. for me, music and computers don’t mix that well.
so, if you’re interested, just send me a pm, and maybe we can work something out…

I remember Wil mentioning that he wanted to discontinue the Bliptronome kits almost 2 years ago, and he probably has. Apparently the kits didn’t sell that well… but I don’t know why seemed like a great idea at the time it came out, and those Bliptronics are pretty useless for anything else anyway…

Anyone know what’s in the kit. Wouldn’t mind giving it a try

its a tiny circuit board, a pre-programmed AVR, a few components and a USB to TTL cable for interface with your computer. You pretty much gut the Bliptronic.