Blinds with Veils firmware?

I recently purchased a MI Blinds. I’m realizing now that what I really need is Velis. I was told that you can load the Veils firmware to Blinds. Unfortunately I can’t find information on this process on line or links to the firmware if they exist. I know mutable modules are open source so I’m sure they do, I’m just missing something. If this is possible I’d appreciate a point in the right direction, or for someone to just speak to me like a 4th grader and tell me how to do it. I’d like to avoid selling the module.

neither has any firmware. they‘re both entirely analog.


“I was told that you can load the Veils firmware to Blinds.”

Would love to know who told you that! If it’s from a store, ahem ahem questionable sales practices…


lol, looks like I was misinformed. Should have done my research. I bought it from Modular Freq Los Angeles. We corresponded over e-mail at length prior to me buying the system. Here’s what they said exactly -

“Blinds will be a 4x VCA / Mixer / (can boot as Veils as well)”

Anyway, should have done my research more thoroughly. Regardless of the firmware information I would have seen that it’s veils I’d have needed for a traditional VCA.

Thanks for the quick reply you two.

Since you have documentation of having been squarely misinformed, perhaps you could contact the store and very politely inquire about an exchange? Sounds like a rather straight-forward error most businesses might be keen to correct, I would hope.

…or I might swap you my Veils for your Blinds, but that is something you can direct message me about if you are interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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^Cool. I’d love to swap. I’ll message you in a second to talk mechanics, then we can decide for sure.

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oh man looks like a certain salesperson needs to do THEIR research :smiley:


Totally need to get to work on that four step sequencer alt firmware for Blinds… : ]


Peaks Alt mode one!