Blinds built in trough hole tec

Hi everyone! I am planning to build a module from zero based on the Blinds schematics. In order to be hand buildable, I want it to be through hole tecnology.

Anybody can recomend me which quad op amp (dip 14) IC can I use as alternative to the OPA4171, that doesn’t compromise audio quality and stability? Let’s say, the OPA4228, or do you think it would be exagerated? I really appreciate to have hi fi quality, but maybe it just doesn’t fit the rest of the circuit or it is nor worthy.

As you can see, I’m not electronic engenner. I have just some experience building other’s circuits or very simple ones, so any help or commentary is absolutely welcome.

If you want to dip your fingers slightly into SMD, you can get DIP adapters like these:

Don’t build circuits with VCAs then :slight_smile:

Yes, I suposed that. Maybe hi fi is not the word. I just wanted to be recommended an IC that can work as a substitute that has good audio quality, according to the circumstances, of course.


Audio quality is not of importance here. The worst offender will be the VCA.

You need to look for an op-amp with low offsets.

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Ok, thanks a lot.

Are you set on building Blinds? I wonder if the AD633 might be an easier through hole 4QM, and I wonder how the performance would compare? This has been on my mind, as I like Blinds but I have several small cases so a 2 channel 4QM would be nice. Befaco A*B+C uses the AD633, but lacks an attenuverter for one input, so I am planning on building my own with the featureset id like (soft mutes too)

Theyre very expensive ICs but you’d probably save a lot of time and other components