Blinds Availability?

Sorry if this has already been mentioned here somewhere, I didn’t find it. Just now, early June 2021, Blinds seems to be unavailable in almost all shops. Will there be another production lot, and if so, for when is it planned? : - )


@pichenettes has stated in other threads here that there are more units being produced, many are to fill existing orders. There are currently delays with global electronic supply chains. She would like to give more specific dates, but with said delays that is difficult to do.

Mutable is still producing all of the modules in their lineup that have not been retired. Hope this info is helpful.

End of June.

Yes, thank you, of course it is.

I’m not sure if this is useful to you, but here’s one in Vancouver:

Thank you very much for trying to help, @neuromod – but I am in Europe, and I can wait (in this case…). (BTW doesn’t “neuromod” read a bit like “neumond”, nouvelle lune? funny. : - )

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