Blank Rack Panels

Came across these colored blank rack panels:

Might be a good cheap way for racking some knobs and other simple control surfaces in your enclosed flightcases?

Hm, am i blind ? I do not see anywhere what kind of material this is…

I believe they are powder coat aluminum, but I havent broken down to buy one yet.

Believe and hardware do not really match.

yes, now we have to design a rear box something to protect the backpanel properly.

If they are powder coated, maybe it will be difficult to do clean holes (the paint will break is little piece no ?

I was thinking that any paint or drill blemished would be covered by your mounted hardware. Ill buy one and report back once I have a chance.

maybe this one are cheaper ( depends on size )

i use them …here the pics …

Should be possible to use the trick used for wood - put a piece of tape (painters tape? the yellowish not that sticky tape one) over where you will be drilling, should in theory keep the hole nice and clean…

I’ve used this type of stepped bit with DIY stompbox enclosures (aluminum).
Pricy, but totally worth it and durable (use cutting oil with it).
I have a small drill press in the garage, but it’s cold in there during the winter, so I used a battery powered handdrill with some success.

It’s good to predrill with a small 1/8"/3mm bit for a pilot hole.