Blank ATmega644 question [solved]

If I put an empty ATmega on the control board, what will happen?
Because I just finished my assembly with blank one and my LCD shows a black bar while testing is that normal?

// Do I have any chance to flash this chip via midi port (the only I have)?

Yes, thats normal. You cannot flash it over Midi, because theres no bootloader on the chip. You need some kind of AVR programmer. There are veeery cheap ones available on ebay. You can also build one yourself, if you are lucky you got the parts for this at home :slight_smile:

Get a cheap USBtinyISP, not the fastest but it will cost you less than building one yourself

Thanks flip. This really bother me a lot.
I will buy one for now.

Yep, I just thought if you want to have it right now, you could build something like this or this because chances are high you have the parts already at home :slight_smile: