Blades as Osc Patch Ideas

Anyone have any cool patch ideas for Blades as an oscillator or sound soure?

I’ve done a few of the obvious cross mod things and sort of randomly patching around but I don’t really know what I’m doing yet.

I’ve been able to get a few Buchla sounding tones out of it and it’s pretty great.

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Did you try pinging the filters like in the DivKid demo ?

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I have a Blades on backorder, so I haven’t been able to try this myself, but the things I’m looking forward to trying are:

  • set filter into self-oscillation (resonance at full) and modulate the Mode to create ‘phase modulation’ (an attenuator may be helpful here to limit the range of modulation?)
  • set filter into self-oscillation and modulate the Drive to control depth of wavefolding/overdrive
  • experiment with the Routing (and the various outs) to see what emerges
  • experiment with Shift and Mode to create subtly evolving filter effects
  • experiment with combining these things together

This is all in addition to the types of things you can do with a more traditional filter.

As mentioned in an earlier post most of these things are covered to some degree in the Divkid tutorial.


An obvious one, but I like patching it as a complex osc, by running them in parallel, multing the outputs to the mode ins for waveshaping and then multing the out of 1 into the other’s frequency in for FM.

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So one thing I’ve discovered by following the ideas in this thread is this: A good oscillator patch should also be tried out as a pinged-filter patch, as that will probably also sound good.

  • the buchla voice: filter 1 self osc to wavefolder 2 and use filter 2 as a lowpass gate

  • the feedback patch: OUT 2 into IN1, listen to main out, move every knobs

  • the serge trick: use a filter as slew limiter for cv… with resonance and wavefolding for bouncing ball effect, it’s great for wrigelling enveloppes and square lfo

  • The Hainbach kick: classic kick with self res filter and fast enveloppe in freq mod… and a copy of the enveloppe to the V/oct intput for super agressive kick

  • the LFO pinger: in buchla or feedback patch , send a negative offset to the first self osc filter to turn it into an LFO, it will ping the second filter, and you can go smoothly from lfo to audiorate

EDIT: trying this now:
classic VCO to Blade, fast enveloppe into cutoff, but sending the same enveloppe in reso CV in, with atv CCW (inverted enveloppe), so it makes low res when filter is high and high res when filter is low, interesting and quite organic!