Blades: 2V on unpatched drive, reasons?

3. Drive CV input. If no patch cable is inserted in this input, a 2V voltage is applied to the drive circuit. This is why a moderate, but non-null, gain is obtained when the DRIVE knob [C] is fully turned counter-clockwise.

I just discovered this the other day, I must have overlooked it. I am curious as to why it’s designed this way. In other words, why not just have DRIVE sweep from no-gain to max-gain even when unpatched? I’m sure there’s a cool reason that I’m not aware of.

Thank you for a great module!

Simply because the knob is labelled DRIVE and not LEVEL.

minimum = not overdriven and pretty much linear.
maximum = overdriven.

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I’ve been patching dummy cables to the DRIVE inputs and using them as a mini-mixer. Maybe I’m just hearing things, but unpatched even with DRIVE all the way down there seems to be some coloration of the signal.