Black Friday Deals

If anybody knows some good deals let me know, I’m posting them all here:

The twice-yearly Native Instruments Komplete 50% off sale is going on.

Still comes out to $500 for Komplete 9- Ultimate is $1000 (of you don’t have any way to upgrade or crossgrade). This is a pretty fantastic deal on all accounts. Whenever this comes up I think about it. I don’t have many plugins (mostly free ones) and I always think about buying Reaktor and Kontakt, and then decide it’s pointless to spend that much money when Komplete 9 costs just a bit more than the two combined. After deciding to wait for the sale, I always get to this point and eventually forget about the sale and miss it.

That basically means you don’t need it :-).

I don’t need anything. I really want to try Kontakt- but it’s so expensive by itself.

I’m just caught in a value crisis. I only really want Kontakt but it makes no sense to buy a $300 software sampler when I can buy the entire Komplete bundle with 120gb of samples for $200 more.

But then I don’t want to spend $500.

So the months pass by and it happens all over again!

RyanA4 Kontakt is great. Battery is also pretty cool. If you add the price of those two together, you may as well buy Komplete. Having said that, I’ve been dutifully buying Komplete upgrades for many years, and the only things I ever use are Battery and Kontakt, both of which are excellent. The rest is great, but you’ll probably waste a few pleasant hours flipping through the presets, then never use them in a track.


Just as I suspected. Komplete, in my experience, is used by people doing music for TV and commercials. Very usable stuff, just a tad too…glossy. Absynth is interesting to me, but I despise virtual synths and have only used Ableton’s Operator on a recording in the past year.

Soft-samplers, however, are fantastic.

If you want it soft you could glue some artificial fur to an E4 :wink:

When in doubt, pet the furry wall

I’m also tempted by the NI Komplete sale. What keeps me back is that I already have some of their plugs that aren’t subtracted from the total price when upgrading. But crossgrading to Komplete Ultimate for 375,- sounds pretty good nonetheless. Although, who needs all those orchestra libraries and drum collections …

To the Kontakt users: Do you play around with the library (regular or additional stuff) a lot or are you just using it to load up and mangle your own samples?

Yeah it’s the same thing every year… Komplete goes on sale, then I think “hmm… might as well buy it” because like RyanA4 I’d like to have Kontakt, but would use it only as a library player and for that €300 is a bit of a steep price, but then I don’t, because in the end I don’t really do much with the computer anymore and the little I do I can perfectly do it with the stuff included in Ableton Live Suite.

The Plug In Alliance deals on the Elysia compressors, ProAudioDSP DSM v2, etc. are INSANE.

Anyone have experience with the Elysia mpressor or Alpha? At $250, no way. At $99? I could REALLY use some high quality compressors (the Ableton ones are so generic, while the ones in Adobe Audition are super powerful but aren’t precise.

Brainworks Digital v2 Mastering Processor is a steal at $99- anyone use that or their Dynamic EQ?

I could use all of them- any other suggestions would be great too.

FXpansion has an extended Black Friday Sale until the end of the year:

Synth Squad is a very good sounding VSTi and Tremor is nice for all kinds of electronic drum sounds …

30% off here: :slight_smile:

Oh cool Analog Sweden, I once bought a used Bass Station from them :slight_smile: