Bit Buf

Anyone seen this. Ive been lusting after it for what seems like years now. seems to good to be true and a lack of info. But hot dang it seems dank. ALso This man has some excellent videos on Music MAking/chiptune so I want to think this is legit. anyhoo for your consideration the bitbuf.

Nice find - This thing is really cool!

I stumbled over this years ago but i don’t think he is into selling or sharing these things…

IT really seems like a shame. Forget the awesome control scheme he has worked up. He is using a chip to generate all the chiptune sounds. ID love to have a microcontroller like that hooked up to midi as a DIY Polyphonic synthesizer. MAkes me so sad… I have sent him several emails to no avail.

Maybe he’s not ready to mass produce it yet?

Plus not everyone is confident to share things, they may get criticism or endless questions.

Yeah, that’s a very valid point. I’m definitely of the irritating kind when I buy a small device from a one-man operation. It’s a rare occasion that these type of devices are well documented and I always ask a barrage of questions. Thankfully none of the manufacturers I have come in contact with were pissed-off to the point of telling me to shut up!

For instance Olivier has been an amazing correspondent and gphg and kvitepk have been way more than accommodating. Maybe this guy doesn’t feel like up to the task.

Maybe not everything someone build is meant to be made available. Some people build things just for the fun of it, not to turn it into a kit, distribute it, make money or enlighten the world. This to be told apart the support/questions/stupidquestionsfromevenmoreStupidGuys topic.

yeah he certainly isnt obligated to make/sell these things. but he could atleast share some info. Maybe how its done. what parts. Possibly the code. The community for something like this would be massive and would very easily replicate it.

Not without drowning him in questions. Maybe that’s the reason?