Billmelater as a payment option

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts are on Mutable Instruments offering Billmelater as a payment option. Accepting it has the same fees as any other paypal transaction and having a way to offer your customers a pay as you can option that is completely hands off for you(you get your money as soon as the order is processed) just makes sense to me. I occasionally sell used gear and accept it myself. I just thought I would post here and see what others thought. I sent a message to Sonic Potions asking the same thing. Oliver has already said he does not offer it in an email but I figured if others chimed in wanting it as an option it might get added. I have already built a Shruthi-1 and I know that if billmelater was accepted I would be ordering an anushri right now.

Same with a Sonic Potions LXR drum machine. I would have ordered one today if billmelater were an option! :slight_smile:

I already provide a much more reliable alternative called savefirstandbuyitlater.

If I wanted to make more money by pushing people’s head under water with debt, I wouldn’t bother with synths and would work straight away in the finance industry.

Wow sorry for mentioning it. I in no way meant to piss you off.

@cardboardmansions, I don’t think you pissed anyone off. That offer is more for people in the business of making money. It is specifically designed for that impulse buy. The thing with the BillMeLater is, typically, anyone using it does not have the funds to cover it at all. Not in a bank, not in a credit card, child support, pan handling, etc.

This whole place is ran on passion. Every single one of us here have a burning love for synthesizers. So much so that we go out of our way and invest large amounts of personal time & money into learning how they work and how they are built and how they are designed. Granted, MI has to make a profit at the end of the day to maintain, but, I can say, from being an active member here for quite some time, money is NOT the driving force that powers this ship. I agree with Olivier. It is not his position, or obviously his desire to bury people in debt for his own gain. That’s best left to bankers and lawyers. I think he was very clear in stating that he does not want to shoulder the burden of adding debt to anyone.

@qp thanks for the comment. I see where you are coming from and I can see where Oliver is coming from too. I bought and built a shruthi-1 kit from the store and enjoyed the whole experience. I also enjoy using billmelater as an option because It allows me a little more flexibility on my purchases. It also is integrated well with paypal. I’m not here to argue payment methods with anyone but in my opinion the more options you offer the merrier. It’s not like everyone on here is not using their credit cards or other forms of payment that let you spend money you don’t have though. Like I said I just wanted to gauge interest.

BTW I’m saving up for an anushri! :slight_smile:

I’m waiting on the full blown Mutable Instruments Credit Card- hopefully the APR is reasonable so I don’t get my legs broken by the DIY Industry hitmen.

Credit cards are the number # gas enabler. Ive never regretted saving out of pocket or synths but impulse buys on ccs never seemed to have worked out.

I use BML. I pay it off in six months and its fine. The interest rate is definitely predatory but if you pay it off within six months you pay no interest. Sometimes it is very handy if you plan ahead accordingly.

Sometimes when people say “no” the respectful thing to do is to just accept it. You don’t have to agree with or understand the reasoning behind every decision, nor are you always entitled to an explanation.

i thought that olivier’s explanation was quite clear - and rather convincing.
he doesn’t want to encourage people to buy what they can’t afford or work with a financial service whose business model is to encourage people to run into debt. makes sense to me.

Yes, he clearly wants you to feed your children first before you buy more synths from him. :wink:

Putting it that way makes Olivier sound like a real exception on this board. Most of us would sell their children in order to buy more synths.

And Olivier knows that… I wonder how many children he gets offered via email.

Do you think that couple in Greece with the kid that ins’t theirs are involved in illegal trade of synthesizers?

you dont like your kids much, huh? :wink:

Be assured, Olivier has a whole collection of first born sons, knows the trick with the goat and has direct access to jojjlitos (and my) bank account.

@ cardboardmansions
I see a rising acceptance around many people i know buying everything on credit of any form, either they think they are smart because they know the great breakdown is only weeks ahead or they are stupid. My personal blinding flash of the obvious was when i added up all of the interest i had to generate to satisfy the bank. So i decided to strictly run on SaveFirstAndBuyItLater™, at least for our personal consumption - and i run very well with this since 15 years. Next year i will also have contended all my business Credits and then i have - besides our house - no more liabilities. Besides the good feeling this saves a whole mountainrange of money, so much i could just buy any synth i like (did anyone say Modular) - or if you are selfemployed so much time that you can spend with your kids (if you have any left).

So i invite you to honestly calculate what amount of you precious time you work solely to satisfy your banks demand for interest. See?

@fcd72: We should be able to set up a monthly MI subscription fee. Each month a set amount gets sent to Mutable HQ from our accounts, we get shipments with gear. Totally worth it! But, then Olivier would be under all sorts of pressure to deliver on some kind of schedule and that’s not a fair deal for him. Usually things are ready when they’re ready.

I would not mind get the same item more than once… as i have more than one Shruthi or more than one Braids :wink:

We could have something like a lottery. All members contribut a monthly sum, and at the end of the year an innocent hand (one of the leftover kids) can draw the winner. The winner gets one each of whatever it is that Olivier has come up with in the past year.