Big Bug on Shruthi-xt

Hi everyone, I finished my xt version few days, and all was working correctly. Yesterday night, I read the user manual(not exactly the xt version manual, but the shruthi-1 version), and I tried to launch it on preset mode(holding encode button while turning shruthi on), But it was a very bad idea. Now my screen is completely bugging: many parameters are displayed at the same time, and it is moving constantly. No button works, or any potentiometer exept Jam mode.
Notice that the boot screen is displayed correctly, and it is only then the shruthi is bugging.
Can someone help me? I did not find a " set factory parameters" function, I do not know if there is one.

While waiting for an answer,
Thank’s for helping

Ps: The midi in works correctly (I do not know for midi out, because I can’t test it)

You probably read a wrong version of the manual!

The latest version of the manual, covering the Shruthi XT, is available here

The “preset mode” is a thing of the past. It would be really helpful if you told me where you read about it! Booting the synth with the encoder pressed no longer enables this. Instead, it selects whether the firmware is configured for the Shruthi XT or for another version of the hardware.

The most recent version of the manual, at the address given above, explains this:


Hardware selection

The Shruthi firmware can run on 3 versions of the hardware:

  • “Classic” version with 4 knobs.
  • “XT classic” – original design by fcd72.
  • “XT” – with aluminum panel, sold as a kit.
    The kits are sold with chips already configured for the correct version of the hardware. However, you might face the situation in which a chip configured for one version of the Shruthi is inserted into another version.

This might lead to unexpected behavior such as flickering values on the screen, or buttons not correctly reacting to presses. To configure the correct version of the hardware, power the Shruthi on with the encoder pressed. The screen displays which version of the hardware is currently active. Repeat the procedure until the correct version is displayed.


Thank you for this so fast answer.

In fact, it was an old french version of the manual I found on the net(I do not have the link, but I think it was on audiofanzine) and I know that it is completely m’y fault.
The shruthi was effectively on a bad version(xt classic instead of xt).
Yesterday, I tried to do this again( maybe 4 or 5 times) but it didn’t work, and now it is(strange…)Now, all is ok, thank you so much :smiley: