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This post is the consequence of seeing the bicycle 6581punk posted 2 days ago in the “Non-Musical Endeavors” thread. Strangely I hadn’t made the connection earlier… I’m currently searching for creative inventors, and well, what better place to find some?
It’s something that will interest especially those of you from Germany here on the forums, but maybe also the orhers.

I work for a communication design company called helios and one of the big jobs we’re working on right now is bicycle mobility for the German state Baden-Württemberg. We’ve initiated a contest for them, where we look for the best bicycle related ideas in the fields safety and fashion.

For those who master the German language here’s the link to the official website:

So why am I posting this?
First of all, if you are from Baden-Württemberg you can take part in the contest and win 25.000 €
But there is more, and this can be interesting for everybody: we need to shoot a promotional video, for the contest, so we are looking for people who are building weird, interesting, clever things for the bicycle (possibly something that has something to with making the bike safer to ride, less prone to being stolen or something to make it look better), the person doesn’t have to be from Baden-Württemberg, does not even have to be from Germany (but I doubt we have the budget to fly to the USA to shoot it).

Just so you understand what kind of things we are looking for:

If you have something you’re working on (doesn’t have to be finished) let me know, if it’s great we’d come and film you while working on it and make a short interview.

little update (hough I don’t think anybody still remembers this)
We faked the video in the end… but it turned out quite funny.
In case you want to check it out:

i don’t know if this is what you are looking for but I love this video

oh yeah, I know that, quite brilliant! Well we were initially looking form someone with a bicycle related project, but now we decided to just fake it, because we were running really late…
anyway, thanks a lot for the link!