Between The Fires

My Beltane ritual for 2020. Elements, Rings x2, Blinds x2, Marbles, Stages, Warps, Braids, Shelves, Ripples, Clouds, Shades, new Tides with PNW, DLD, Batumi, QR2, Morphagene, uVCF, 3 Sisters and SH-01a.


Just listened…Sounds great… very cinematic

I am curious (because I have a pretty similar system to you), do you get much use out of warps and shelves? If so so what ways do you find yourself using them?


that’s sort of a difficult question to answer. Yes and no to both modules really. They’re both probably my least used MI modules but then when I need them, they totally remind me why I keep them around.

Warps I generally just use as a gnarly oscillator rather than a processor, very rarely I’ll use it for it’s intended purpose and will occasionally use the lovely and weird tape style delay in Parasites. I really mostly just love using it as a sine/trinage wave oscillator with loads of interesting folding options.

Shelves is so big in HP and modulation needs a bunch of external attenuation but there is nothing like it in my slightly too big setup that comes close for precision and flexibility. I tend to build quite dense structures and I really like to use shelves to just tease out certain specific facets of a sound or texture from Clouds or Morphagene to make it sit really nicely in a space in the composition.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve had a play around with warps in VCV rack and always found it a little bit too brutal for my music. I can see the magic in the module but have never been able to find the right flavour of modulation.

Shelves seems exactly what my music is looking for. My only hesitation is the lack of onboard attenuation because I always end up getting confused amidst the tangle of cables as to what knob is controlling what parameter.

Thanks again for your comments