Better late than

After almost two years of hard work … :smiley:

Shruti-1 midibox plus and ponoko acryl rack

Sorry for the poor picture !

Whats the 2nd DIsplay for, a kind of MIDI-Boxy Control Thingy??

Yes it sends CC to the synth via MIDI and it allows to edit the synth’s parameters with the pots

Honor and respect to Mr mikepig.

nice one!

Very nice!

I was about to ask which panel mount encoder you used but then I saw the (-)(+) buttons and realized it’s an original Shruti.

Very nice indeed.

Your Mike from where i think you are?

Have you used a midi merger?

EATYone : I don’t think so but let me know

Yes I used the midi merger function of the midibox plus

Not from SKF sorry…