Best way to connect Ambika to Metropolis

I finally finally completed my Ambika build with 6 voices and took the plunge purchasing a Metropolis.
Could anyone recommend the best (or anyway) to connect the Met to Ambika?? Not sure how well the CV/MIDI converters are …and $600 for the Analog Systems unit is $$$! …2 voices would be great…while I’m still considering a eurorack full of modules, I’d like to get started with what I have…I do have a PSU and case coming to power and mount the Met.
I would greatly appreciate your expertise and recommendations… thank you for help!

Since the Metropolis doesn’t have MIDI, and the Ambika has no CV capabilities, you’re going to need extra kit to meaningfully interface the two devices.

Doepfer do a couple of CV/Gate to MIDI interfaces. You could try on if those. I don’t have any experience of them personally, though at one point I was considering purchasing one to hook up to my Turing Machine module.


Try this one:

CV>MIDI interfaces are relatively rare beasts, in contrast to MIDI>CV ones (there are loads of those, including Mutable Instruments own Yarns).

This model is quite cheap, but should do the job.


Another take would be the Modal CV-MIDI/MIDI-CV module. It’s a tad more expensive and sheer Unobtanium, but would be my preference.

Thank you for your help! I’ll check these out…

Would the Doepfer A-192 CV-to-Midi interface be a reasonable choice to get started?? Best

My concern if the CV/MIDI converters translate MIDI properly…the Metropolis demos are very nice…but Yarns and more bits were used…

@nightworxx is this the Modal module you were thinking of? Only seems to do clock translation.


Hm, i understood it could be capable of both. Perhaps bettter to ask Modal before…or Schneidersladen…

You could also try this
It’s not exactly the same as the Metropolis, but it’s close and there is a free demo to test it. This might be the cheapest/easiest way to send Metropolis-like midi to Ambika? And you’ll find a good use for the Metropolis once your Eurorack expands …