Best value-for-money digital piano

Asking for a friend: What’s the best value-for-money digital piano in a keyboard-only form factor on the market today? Semi-weighted is not a huge objection, built-in speakers are not needed.

This one, it has a Keyboard only, no built in speakers and an full analog Filter when you open the lid…


I used something like the predecessor of this when I tried learning piano… Then again, I have never used this particular model…

this is not the desired form factor but the best bang for the bucks that comes to my mind: get a S1000 (working, full RAM and scsi) for about €60-70 on ebay, an scsi cd rom and buy a sample cd with your favorite classic piano sounds. hook to any crap midi keyboard.

Get a used Yamaha S90. The piano and Rhodes sounds are quite good, action is also nice, it makes a useful all 'round synth and it’s old enough now that they’re not very expensive on eBay. I only see one on the auction site right now and it is ridiculously overpriced, but things change quickly on eBay.

If someone is learning to play, a weighted, 88 key action is very important. And, the ability to toss headphones on while running through Hanons makes everyone else happy too.

An Alesis QS8.1/8.2 or a Korg T1 are both great. The QS 8 might be better for you because it doesn’t weigh half of what the T1 does, and is small enough to fit on top of a T1. Also, the QS8 is pretty easy to tuck under your arm and carry.

Something like this ?

I have a Casio Privia 100. Great keyboard action, sounds great. It would be a lousy synth controller but I don’t use it for that.