Best suppliers for Australian MI builders?

Advice is sought from Australian builders of MI instruments: which are the best suppliers to use, particularly with respect to reliability and shipping costs. I am planning the build of one more Shruthi and then an Ambika, using self-sourced parts. Is it better to just use one of the existing BOMs for Mouser - presumably MOUSER in Hong Kong - or is it worth trying to develop BOMs for RS Online Australia or other on-shore suppliers?

I used Mouser. Was ok service, although they used some smaller courier rather than Aus Post which meant a 25min drive to their depot to pick up goods. May be interested in the route you choose for my second Ambika.

Previously I’ve always bought parts from RS-Australia - very fast, and cheap r free postage because they have a local presence in Sydney - but that would mean going through the published BOMs and working out equivalent stock numbers for every part…

But I’ve just realised that Farnell are actually Element14, who have a local warehouse and dispatch centre in Chester Hill in Sydney, so the part numbers for Farnell in the BOMs should work with Element14. Anyway, I’ll place an order with them for parts for two more Shruthi this weekend, and report back how they go. Then its the Ambika…

I have always had to use a mix of Mouser and Element14 to get all necessary parts as neither have all required parts. Both have been quite good though, quick postage etc.

I don’t know for Australia but here in Europe it pays to spread your order over several suppliers to get the best deal. Parts can sometimes be up to 4 times the price at different places. Mouser usually has the best deals. But a few parts could be cheaper at farnell.

@shiftr - yup, but cost of postage from outside Australia is an issue. But Farnell/Element13 and RS-Australia have local presences, and DigiKey too I think. Not Mouser AFAIK - closest is Hong Kong and postage seems to be quite expensive.

For here mouser does free shipping from US to europe for orders over €60 euro