Best solder sucker I've ever owned

I dont usually endorse stuff but this thing blew me away . Outstanding metal construction, powerful suction, and the silicone tip is nothing short of genius. I have an old teflon tip one that I cut a grove into so I could use it like this thing is designed for and this thing works 10x better than that. You can actually get a seal between the board, iron tip, and circuit board so if there is solder to suck up, its getting sucked up. I paid $30 usd for this shipped from the UK

I also am ALL ABOUT the company that makes this stuff. The ebay seller carries quite a few of their products which are all super cool and practical tools. I’ve been making my own version of their “connector monkey” spanner wrench via the belt sander for years and if they understand the usefulness of such a tool, then I’m all in since I deal in tiny ass fasteners for a living it’s great to see someone stepping up to bat with this type of kit


Tempting. I actually have one of those thin spanners. It was an integral part of the “Cool Tool”, a sort of bicycle multitool that I carried with me when I was 50 pounds lighter and actually rode a bicycle.

I need to replace the pots on a shruthi and getting the damn solder off is a beyatch. This looks like it might actually be up to the task! (BTW, I fracking hate solder wick, it rarely does what I want it to and usually just pisses me off.

Spare nozzles are available too … quite an interesting web presence they have, and a good older catalogue in English ( they obviously don’t feel the need the expense of having to run one off every year.) Engineer
Thanks for the tip! :wink:

My grubby paws starts reaching for the buy now button.

Thanks for the tip altitude! Hand tool bonanza :slight_smile:

can not resist!

Seein the Video; can’t you just upgrade - in real DIY spirit - your resident solder sucker with a piece of silicone tube?

from medical infusion system =)

@fcd72 yes, but thats not the only good thing about the device. The action and build quality are really good as well. It does come with about 2" of spare hose also

hm, if it’s really that good, maybe i should get one too. i still have a kiwi jx upgrade which i haven’t installed yet because i keep putting off unsoldering my jx3p’s old cpu…

Bought one! The power of peer endorsement…
You’re not secretly being paid by the supplier, are you, altitude? Just checking :wink:


i think i’ve heard jordan rudess uses it, too.

@mic.w no idea who that is…


you mean you never heard of the universal endorser? just search youtube for the words ‘jordan rudess demo’ and you can see him endorsing every keyboard or synth product ever. :slight_smile:

(i was joking, obviously - i don’t think he’s extended his endorsing powers to desoldering tools yet)

Jordan Rudess is endorsing everything because he has so much Time as DT does so little Music actually :wink:

And who wouldn’t believe someone who is also an action figure:


@altitude thanks for the clue!
since I bought it, I’ve desoldering everything DIP in my house and now I’m scouring the dumps in search of electronics containing thru-hole components. Can’t stop desoldering. DIP16 - easy as a pie, DIP40 - no problem. DIP-64 - gimmie moar! Than solder everything back and start again!
Hint: if sucking failed - solder pin again and than retry. Don’t try to suck remnants of tin.

I upgraded my old and fairly basic soldersucker with a small piece of fuel tube made for RC-helicopters/cars. These tubes need to withstand pretty high temperatures so I thought I might give it a try. It works really good. I can recommend it.

Sorry, for recovering this super old thread. I discovered it by accident. :smiley:

I ordered the solder sucker after reading this thread and wow: finally a solder sucker that’s easy to use. Before this solder sucker I always had problems to use them correctly.

I had to remove some LEDs from my Shruthi board as they weren’t high enough for my case. And it was quite easy to do with this.

Totally worth the 20€.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Another tip that you might find useful in future.

Try heating the pad from one side of the board, and sucking the solder out from the other.

Took me way too long to discover this myself.