Best online place to buy bolts,nuts,spacers in EU


What would be the best online place to buy variety of bolts,nuts,spacers in EU ? to be used in different DIY projects

Here for screws and nuts. Spacers are difficult to source in small amounts, id recommend

Thanks @fcd72 ; do you think any of the Home Improvements chains in Germany ( OBI , Hornbach etc. ) carry spacers on ?


Hornbauch… Mhmmm… I generally find it difficult to find places that stock Hex standoffs in the EU… End up ordering round ones from China in stead… :confused:

If the German hardware stores are in any way like the Danish ones(and they probably are), they won’t carry anything as small as a M3 or the like, but rather have everything you could possible want, if you were making 10HE+ modules, or massive shruthi-sandwiches…

das is a nice german online shop where you can order bolts, nuts and spacers in small amounts. And shipping cost is only 2,50€ for <250g.

I tend to search for them on ebay. Usually find a few.