Best modifications for the Shruthi

Hope everyone is having a cracking day?

Was wondering what everyones favorite modification/tweek for their Shruthi is?


The case beacause that’s all I can manage to mod hahaha :smiley:

hahaha what you do to your case my friend? :0)

I did the mods in this image and found them very easy. The wiki details other mods too.

I’m also having great fun with joysticks.

@HiFreak1c I made my own :slight_smile:
Hey but I forgot to mention the best mod ever for the Shruthi, fcd72s programmer! I got that for the 4PM, was a bit messy soldering all those pots one by one, but it totally was worth the effort!

Ah wicked fair shout for the mods sounds ace might have a crack at the Audio In as an FM Mod Input sounds like so much fun.

@rumpelfilter what the fcd72s programmer? sounds very interesting indeed.

Check the thread titled “The Shruthi-1 Programmer - PCBs AVAILABLE!” and buy a couple of PCBs before they are gone, even if you don’t know what a programmer is. Then, Google “fcd72 shruthi programmer flickr” and check out the photos. You can also see a couple of programmers in my video on YouTube at Various stuff. The standard programmer is on the right in my vid.

fcd72’s programmer allows you to add 30 or so knobs to a Shruthi.

this would be my programmer:

It’s basically a Shruthi with most parameters accessible through a one-knob-per-function interface!

O MY DAYZ I WANT THAT IN MY LIFE :slight_smile: the extra knobs Env, LFO etc? I WANT AND HOW MUCH LOL. Where is the enclosure from?

The enclosure is from fcd72, but i am not sure, if he will still produce them…

Hi there, just of interest where are you based?

The Programmer seems so cool as a next step after assembling the Shruthi…sadly it seems that a complete kit with case is not available anymore…I would be interested in one. Anyone else?


I’m based in the south-west of England mate, how about you?

Thought I detected a Brit twang …;-). I am currently in Bradford for my sins. Sadly no one does MI oop North. (BTW I am from Dartford orginally, me and Mick Jagger both.). If you are in the South West you should check this guy out …Paul Maddox. Somerset… hangs around Bristol Hackspace.Top guy.
Vaco Loco

HAHA Paul Maddox as in one half of Spektre DJ group or someone with the same name as I’m friends with DJ Paul Maddox :0)

And yeah I’m from Bristol myself.

HAHA no just looked it’s a different Paul Maddox lol this is the one I thought it was.

Anyone got audio of the sound designer?

that’s a common mistake …until you see Maddox’s Vaco Loco’s) hair…


Haahahahaha that’s funny :slight_smile: