Best MidiPal Setup

Hi again MI. lately since my setup has grown i’ve been trying to find the best way to hookup everything through MIDI.
My DAW is an MPC, so how i have it set up now is synth1 local off >midipal> mpc -> synth(X)/modules.
this works fine but i would really like to integrate the external clock on the midipal.
before i had it once set up as Synth Local off > MPC> MidiPal -> Synths/modules. in this situation i was able to use the external clock function but the MPC was not receiving recording the translated MidiPal MIDI so it would only work one synth one app at a time.
If the MI community has any advice i would be greatly appreciative. this has been stumping me for weeks. when i think ive figured it out i usually end up with a midi loop. thanks for your time and help!

The best thing I have purchased over the past while is a MIDI patchbay. If you want to have a bunch of stuff talk to a bunch of stuff or one thing talk to a bunch of stuff, the patchbay makes life much easier.

@piscione what is the brand/model of yours ?

Is there any audio+midi patchbay you know ?


I’m uncertain as to what you want to use the midipal for? It can’t do two things simultaneously so if you need it to you’ll need another one.

I have a similar setup but with an octatrack, I find the midipal is most useful after the octatrack and before the midi thru box that feeds everything else but I also have a very short midi cable attached to the midipal so I can easily stick in anywhere in the chain I’d like without having to go crazy recabling.

@cereyanlimusiki, I started out using an Akai ME30P and then moved to a Yamaha MJC8 and now I’m using a JL Cooper MSB 16/20. The MSB was expensive but I’m lazy and like to have everything plugged in all the time. I’m also considering getting a 32 channel mixer to replace my 24 channel for the same reason.

The patchbays have memory locations, so you can re-patch your setup with a button push. I have stored setups for running my Shruthis in poly-chained mode, or as a polyphonic setup using the MIDIPal being controlled from the Roland A90. Or I can control the iPad that is hooked into my Alesis IO Doc from my Kurzweil K2600XS, or whatever else I feel like, all without changing any cables.

Here’s what the patch I’m currently using looks like (at least virtually):

Notice the second MIDI Out on the A90 (via patchbay in port 9) is going to the MIDIPal MIDI in (via patchbay out port 7), and then the MIDI Out on the MIDIPal (via patchbay in port 7) is going to the various Shruthis (via patchbay out ports 4, 5, 6, 11).

I don’t know of any audio and MIDI patchbay, which is why I use the mixer and the patchbay. Most of my stuff is either old and used or DIY so, although I have a bunch of things, it took me quite awhile to put it all together.

hmm, thanks for your quick responses everyone. i should have explained that my main problem is i cant figure out how to send the MidiPal translated MIDI to the MPC to be recorded/sequenced and how to send midi to the MidiPal at the same time so i can use the MPCs clock in the MidiPal apps.

and sorry @piscione, i dont understand what is recording the midi info at the end of your setup.
does the patch bay eliminate the possibility of a midi loop? my MPC has 4 midi outs and 2 midi ins, and this is what occurs when i have everything go back into my the MPC, the MidiPal goes haywire.

In this case, nothing is recording, I’m just playing. Gnome, I guess I was just trying to give you some general info because I think I'm in the same situation assoup and not quite understanding what you’re trying to do. If your MPC is your DAW, I’m assuming that means you are using it for recording. Does that mean you are recording MIDI or audio? I’m guessing MIDI. Are you using a controller keyboard or step entering into the MPC? Why do you want to use the MIDIPal as an external clock? Any chance you could draw us a diagram or show us a photo. I suppose I’m a bit slower than some here.

All this would be very simple if one company would get off their asses and bring their amazing product to market already…

Whenever iConnectivity gets around to releasing the iConect MIDI 4 and 2+ models, you’re going to be able to use software for very complex routing without a patch bay (even over WIFI with OSC/Lemur stuff- you can hook the thing right into the Ethernet port on your router- there are also rumors of an ap to control your routing !). 64 ports, 16 channels per.

(powered) USB ins, 4X4 midi interface, plus an audio/midi out over USB- with the ability to run audio BETWEEN the two USB ins (iPad, PC, iPhone, USB turntable, etc. can be used sample directly into newer MPC models with audio over USB, for example).

Not only that, it supports (they claim stability…but we shall see) EIGHT controllers, synths/whatever with additional USB hubs. So, you could plug your 5X5 or whatever interface into it and expand your ins/outs AND run 3 midi audio devices into it at the same time- only using the two USBs in the front…That’s without even using the 4 midi ins and outs (2 of which will have a MIDIPal super glued in).

I know most of us (including me) do not have many instruments that send audio over MIDI, but that seems to be a direction things are going in, and it really legitimizes iOS devices as part of a studio (sound-wise- they’re already legit as controllers…), and really makes getting that stuff and your hardware synced up and into the DAW a (hypothetical) breeze!

I have the 4+ preordered from Sweetwater…only $199. Seems a little too good to be true- we shall see.


Audio over MIDI?

Over USB with MIDI

Ehh, let’s see what the stability on that is like - The reason midi is still around is that it A) is one of the few standards sort of agreed upon, and B) that it has low latency since it ONLY sends tiny fragments of data, not a shitload of audio… But it really sounds like a cool product… :slight_smile:

I’d have to see this work with iOS; as far as I know there’s no standard way to get digital audio out over USB.

Well, in the olden days, people had to buy these!

I went through a brief period of recording into Ableton with iPad samplers and instruments and such. But the fact I wasn’t charging the iPad as I did this led to too much annoying time-wasting, so I abandoned my iPad except as a source of samples for the Octatrack (or as a controller with lemur or Touch OSC).

But now the USB cables that come with the iConnect products are specially tailored to obviate the need for the camera connection kit, while charging the device…

While doing that you had to use the headphone jack to get audio out of your iPad and into Ableton, right?


Waldorf Nave is the best synth app of all time. They really could put that software in a little knobby box and I’d buy it- powerful.

Genome: 16 track MIDI sequencer that’s so powerful and well designed, I’m considering getting a cheap ipad to act as my dedicated sequencer. Worth every cent.

Borderlands: best granular synth + sample mangling app in the store. You can take a small sample and turn it into a full on 3 track tune by just messing with parameters and plocking the right parts of the wave- or, go absolutely insane and build an evolving sound scape from 3 seconds of a Miley Cyrus song.

Arpeggionome Pro- VERY DEEP arp creation/performance tool- and it will both send and receive midi with DEEP control over parameters (for example, 15 different setting for what will re trigger the arp/sequence of arps you cued- including a reference note so it will sync up with just about any hard sequencer. Plus, you can so easily design ultra complex arps and transpose up and down and switch banks, etc., that it’s a pretty damn good little melody sketch pad that you can build up on the go, then go test it out in your synth later.

Also, mode Machines made a free xoxbox 303 app. It’s pretty good for being free.


Straight into the audio interface, sir. No other cables required. You need the right kind of interface and the right DAW aps on your iOS device, but it works.

that Iconect sounds very interesting, yet confusing to me. im sure that it would help though.
@piscione you are correct im using my MPC to record MIDI not AUDIO. what im trying to do is use the MPCs clock on the midipal so i dont have to match up the tempo everytime and it stays in sync better. but also have the mpc recording the translated midi data. i will draw you a simple diagram soon but i need to eat breakfast first hahah.

Yeah the interface will help but I’m REALLY confused as to why the MIDIPal can’t stay in sync and transmit the data to the MPC from the synth…

Midi Out from MPC to Synth Midi In with clock mode set to ext.
Midi Out from synth to Midipal (ext.)
Midi out from Midipal to MPC IN.

Make sure the MPC is set to receive the proper messages in the MIDI settings menu. Make sure it’s sending it’s clock, etc…

If you’re just recording midi notes and messages in there, I can’t see what the problem is with the sync in the chain I just mentioned…

here is my current setup. my drum machines are in a different midi out on the mpc so i figured i wouldnt bother putting them in the diagram. i need to make me one of those sheets you made piscione. so with what you suggestedRyanA4, my setup should be alright all i would need to do is go into my d-50 and change it to ext. clock in midi functions? hopefully your correct