Best hardware midi controller for ambika?

hi all, as you know i’m strongly considering getting an ambika.

What hardware midi controller do you guys think would be the best fit for ambika? 2 options i came up with are the doepfer drebank and the novation remote 0sl.

What options would you guys recommend and why?

your help with this question would be most welcome, kind regards trey.

Using a “one knob per parameter” controller would have a limited utility in the case of Ambika, because the modulation matrix and all the voice allocation settings are not accessible by MIDI CC.

i have a novation remote 37 sl

works very nicely with ambika



it really depends on which features you want to be able to control at once and how you use the abmbika (just a poly, poly and mono) 6 seperate synths etc but I have used a uc-33 and 2 x doepfer pocket controls which work for me. I do wish I could assign more params (and on the uc-33 I could use more that one “page”.

Think about how you want to control it and then look for a controller that will provide the features you need (or build one). Midi control info is well documented so it’s pretty easy to get going