Best 200 euro Mixer? (new, not used!)

Planning on getting a mixer, aim for a Boeringer.

Was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a 200 euro new mixer?

I would go for a used Mackie 1402 or better a 1604…they are way better and more reliable.

Behringer RX 1602 - Best buy Rackmount 16CH Mixer ever, i have 3, pretty much one in every Rack, and you know i’m picky when it comes to Mixers… This is one of Behringers ancient, rugged “Uli personally approved this” Designs from better days, personally id stay a bit clear from the newer (small) desktop mixers, you can get a Noise Generator cheaper from DOEPFER. You may have to mod the FX from post Fader to pre Fader but this isnt an real issue.

I have a MX1604A for sale if you’re interested.

Sod behringer. Look out for Tapco. Same company as Mackie.

Tapco is sadly the cheaper manufactured branch of Mackie - which makes it worse than Behringer sometimes. BTW i had to repair a 8ch Mackie on the Happy Knobbing, the PCB inside a M. is thicker, and the ICs are xactly the same - the jacks are much worse than any B. i ever saw… i guess Mackie nowadays lives from a good reputation they got some ages ago, at least at the small Mixers.

For both Tapco and Behringer is true: you need to know what you are buying, some are diamonds, some are - öhm - less valuable…

I just wish these behringer rackmount mixers had more than just one AUX channel…

Yups, thats the only constraint…

I’d say any Mackie

Roland M-160 Line mixer. small knobs, no unnecessary crap (eq etc), and NoBehringer™ i.e. from a company that actually have a name for designing stuff, not stealing.
it’s not new obviously but you get them on ebay for 140€ (last time i checked) and you can cascade them easily. nice machine.

Maybe some more info would be nice… How many channels do you need? What do you want to use it for? You can get pretty nice 25 year old huge big 24 channel D&R desks for around 200 euro here in the Netherlands.

Ok, good tips, here goes some more information:

I would use it for a home studio, to hook up all my synths, my laptop, guitar and bass and a mic.

I am not going to use it professionally, but would like to have a decent set up.

I aim for new equipment because I am on a trip in Europe and have little time to deal with any possible issues cropping up while buying used. Have little time to trol ebay for the right one too.

Plan on buying some monitors and a Minibrute from Thomann and thought of adding a mixer to my order.

If there was a source for pre-owned checked equipment that shipped fast I would consider a used mixer of course!

Spirit 16fx

Read the reviews. Behringer is out for me, I have had little luck with what I have owned from them. The smaller Mackies seem fine, larger stuff not so much. Mixer issues can be irritating because once you get everything working the way you want, it is a hassle to start unplugging stuff when things go wrong. I am in a similar situation but looking for 32 channels. I am most likely going to sell the motorcycle and pick up a 32 channel Allen & Heath GL2400 or Soundcraft GB4.

There´s this:

Behringer Xenyx X1222 USB for 188 euro.

Behringer Xenyx X1622 USB for 189 euro.

Mackie 802 VLZ3 B-Stock for 211 euro.

hey man just doing the same thing.

budget obviously means can’t go for the best, just like monitors I know there’s loads of stuff above our heads that to other people is the minimum acceptable but us bottom feeders have to get on with it…

I’m going to go for the phonic helix 18, it’s a 16-in 2-out audio interface as well as cheap mixer. £255 from dv247 or £217 from music I know that’s more than you said but the phonic helix 12 is a possible, doesn’t have faders tho…

this since the alesis multimix 16 is a fabled budget beast that never pops its head above the parapet and the N12 just a little out of reach. Tascam M164UF (also a 16-in interface, make sure get UF version) also looks good but coming in well over 200 euros when available.

ps don’t grab the $200 helix 18 on ebay it’s miiiine, just corresponding with him about shipping to canada before I click “buy” :slight_smile:

good luck x jk

I’ve had decent luck with Behringer actually. Two RX1602, a Xenyx 1202 and an 802. No problems so far. And a Mackie 802 and a Tascam M802. And some horrible garbage thing from TOA which I keep trying to throw away.

Any reason Yamaha doesn’t get more love? Also you can sometimes get Allen Heath ZED series for around this price

I have an allen and heath zed10fx that I like alot. It sounds good, is pretty flexible routing wise and has a small footprint. I never use the fx on mine and I think the version without fx (zed10) is less than 200 euros.

Yamaha mixers are really good, but not in this league. If you want a cheap and good digital mixer, go for a 01V96MK2… But with much luck you get one for 600€, not for 200.