Benge.. Lucky Bastard


It’s quite funny, towards the end. He’s trying to explain setting up a sequencer patch on his Buchla system, and it sounds like he’s completely lost with it. Having said that, he still comes up with something that sounds great!


if you haven’t, check out his 20 systems album. superlative

Got it. Lovely packaging, too.


This video has added to my speculation that no one really understands how to use a Buchla in a “predictable” fashion.
The other demos where nice to hear the sonic differences in the Modular Series too.

fuck, i need a modular !

A modular or a vintage modular?

I think this has appeared before, but no reason not to give it another outing :wink:


here is benge making “predictable” music with a buchla 100 system:

lol. the drop down video thing is ridiculously annoying. when will the web learn that involuntary movement on a page is such a no no m’kay.

@oootini odd that it didn’t do it for the first YouTube video, though.


@toneburst. weird! hadn’t noticed.

the worst offender for involuntary movement is the new soundcloud with independently scrolling widgets/panels. does my head in.

And while we’re on the topic of Benge :

(damn, forgot again how to link on this forum software :p)

i don’t care about vintage or not, i just dream about all the possible modulation you can add everywhere, and the feeling you can have when you sit on hte front off your wall with a bunch of patch cords on your hand, thinking of the next thing you will add on the flow. I admit, the sound on this video is really cool. I find this intuitive, and i can easily imagine myself staying days listening the same sounds/sequences, evolving step by step.

@oootini: the music may be predictable, but I have a feeling that the patch isn’t. :wink: Thanks for sharing the album, it was a pleasant listen for a few minutes.

@Costo: It is the same way as posting a link. You put the video link both in the quotes and as the link.
"likeThis Just take out the extra quotes. :slight_smile: You can also share SoundCloud links like this. You can not post Vimeo videos with this method though. I am not sure why.

@Lamouette_rck: And after arduous hours of patching, you come up with the perfect patch to complete you master piece. It is then you realize that you have run out of patch cables. ö