Beneath The Corn Moon

Really been having a difficult time of it lately with my mental health and as such have been fighting to try and get into any sort of useful creative space. I’m still not sure I really got myself where I should be but I managed to force this through earlier this evening (actually already after bedtime but time doesn’t really have much relevance to me just now). I guess it’s a sort of kitschy 70’s space thing?

Rings, Tides, Stages, Plaits, Braids, Blinds x2, Ripples and Shades along with the sh-01a, keystep pro, 4ms/Matthias excellent new Ensemble Osc, Batumi, PNW, Maths and Optomix.


Hi David,

I am really bummed to hear how you’re feeling.

In moments like this I always think of the quote: “It’s a sad and beautiful world”.

All the best

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Kitschy? I don’t find it corny :wink:
Only listened to the first five minutes and decided I want to listen the rest later. When there is WiFi and a pair of monitors instead of a crappy phone.

Acid Eiffel is a song I still like very much. Your song somehow reminds of the atmosphere in it.

Hi David,
this is the best way I know to avoid all these things that most do not understand … Clouds is my favorite module for that. With a simple piano sample of 4 seconds, and Plaits & Marbles, I modulate it with lots of things, synchronized or not, and several small rhythms and random loops around, and it makes me escape for a long time. I hope you find the energy you need.

Hey David, chin up!
nice piece of music, the intro reminded me of a similar sound i got out of a juno 6 many years ago.

Really nice to hear over monitors.
May I ask if it was a multitrack recording or a 2 channel jam. Reason of the question is that I found the low end a bit too muddy. But once again, very nice atmosphere.

Ow, the pad, was that a chord from MI Plaits?

Take care and hang in! :slight_smile: