Seems to have addressed the main issue with dev boards, latency.

Oh and it´s 45 UKP, more expensive than a Pi but way more use-specific.

looks pretty cool and you can put pure data patches on it… seems comparable to the axoloti but without the restriction of using the axoloti’s (MIDI-less) interface.

Wow… its a great project and very intersting :))

How is the Axoloti MIDI-less?

Another cool thing is that it is open source soft and hardware.

Although it seems as very well suited to implement in innovative instruments with sensors, making it more of an input-device thing, I think it packs enormous power and that low latency.

That’s 45 UKP without the BeagleBone Black it plugs in to :slight_smile:

This is the problem with Raspberry Pi, it’s creating completely unrealistic expectations about what this sort of thing should cost!

would love to be wrong about that… the patcher can be controlled via MIDI?

@tffshtt: Sorry, only just saw this because you didn’t type my full username. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure fully understand what you’re asking.

To what extent do you expect the patcher to be MIDI controlled? I mean, you can’t use MIDI to actually build patches as far as I know, but pretty much any parameter can be assigned to MIDI CCs and I believe NRPNs are supported too and maybe SysEx if you know what you’re doing. The Axoloti board has a lot of MIDI interfaces, as well as the DIN MIDI in and out, it has a USB host port that supports class compliant in/out and when it’s connected to a computer it presents itself as a MIDI interface.

Not sure what else you’d want to do with it using MIDI?

Weird. I must’ve misunderstood Andre about what he is actually doing with the axoloti. That sounds pretty much like full MIDI implementation. Sorry for the confusion!

I ordered my Bela Kit (BB Black, Bela Cape and MUX Capelet, and some audio adaptors). Sets me back around 200UKP. I am really curious what this thingie is capable of. Is anybody around here using the bela platform already?


I did attend the Bela workshop at Superbooth and pretty impressed by Bela. There’s some minor things (as usual) but in general it felt like a well designed and solid platform. The big advantage – even when compared to the – Axoloti, is that you can use many existing programming/paching languages (which you might already know and even have stuff already done woth) to build/code your project. Still… the Axoloti does probably most of what the Bela can do, has MIDI and is cheaper.

Well, if you get a Raspberry Pi + a decent DAC and ADC I’m not sure you are going to spend much less… but you’ll still have a setup that has a much higher latency than the Bela and is a lot less streamlined for embedded projects. Making something with Bela is pretty much like coding stuff for Arduino, just that you can use software like Pd to do it, which is pretty rad.