Behringer 12 voice synth


Early evaluator states further today that DMT’s BEST feature is the voice architecture: “12 note poly with 2 DCOs per voice, but as you can specify polyphony, you can have 6 note/4oscs, 4 note/6oscs, 3 note/8oscs, 2 note/12oscs, 1note/24oscs (!) This means it can make HUGE pads, and massive detuned basses and leads that are generally only achievable using software, or very expensive hardware. This is one of the BEST things about this synth, and gives it a unique flavour.” Time to get real and buy another Ambika lol.


Ah, now I know why it is called DeepMind 12! Herr Dr Behringer asked the people at DeepMind (a Google subsidiary specialising in machine learning/AI) in London to train some deep learning neural networks with specifications and photos of the Roland Juno range, with few Oberheim OBX training examples thrown in, and this is the design that popped out on the other side of all those perceptron layers.

Just be grateful that they didn’t use DeepDream to design the panel graphics.

I gather that a Restricted Boltzmann Machine has been commissioned to do the sound design for the presets, and that they’ve already trained it with the entire 1980s synth pop corpus.


Just announced:
999$ US MAP


Wow, now that’s a word !


Link? I cant find any info in this…


Some post on GS. Sonic State has a news item.


The links are here:
and here:
Looks official somehow…




Pre-ordered one.


@6581punk I am tempted but I’ll wait for the module


There’s a lot of demand for it.

Watching videos on FB of people at NAMM with their brand new Deep Mind that doesn’t work. Product appears to ship Dead on Arrival. That means the entire production process from A-Z includes cost/profit model-dictated quality control problems. When I worked for the world’s largest distributor of computer products in the early 1990s I shipped components, servers and networks to medical research and communications engineering clients from warehouses in both the US and Canada. While I was there, we were ISO 9000 certified, which meant end-to-end operational quality controls on every aspect of the business. By avoiding products known to arrive DOA, the >$30M of systems that shipped with my name attached worked as soon as the power was turned on. UPS had a reputation for potential rough handling then. They were also the cheapest service. You get what you pay for is the axiom here. Good luck to everyone else :slight_smile:


I’d already cancelled my pre-order as I have my GAS under control.

The couriers are known to mishandle parcels, I wouldn’t blame DOA on the manufacturer.


i like the new compact 6-voice version:

[uhm, i originally intended the video to start at 03:03, where the deepmind 6 first appears - which doesn’t seem to be working, so here is the link:]


Never really works when embedding. :confused: