Behringer 12 voice synth


Doesn’t “mind” mean “least”? Or is it “mindeste”? It’s a very long time since I studied German in high school…


No, mind is no German word. :slight_smile:


> No, mind is no German word. :slight_smile:

Oh well, we can dismiss that hypothesis, then.


It seems that Behringer (Music Group is the Behringer parent company) has registered the name DeepMind successfully, in a different category to the Google companies.


Nothing wrong with making your own keybeds. The Kawai K5000 was praised for having a nice keybed. Coming from a company that produces pianos that is to be expected.


Mindestens = at least


Looks like it was called ‘Phat 12’ for a while!? Glad they changed that…

A good insight to its design here…


more details from the designers


I’m liking that is has an X32-like page system. Press a button, get to the respective page. Clean UI, good use of the display. Man, this thing seems to be a killer. The features mentioned in the video get me excited.


Looks like a pretty comprehensive mod matrix, and editable via a tablet device (iPad etc) app via a built-in WiFi connection (in infrastructure mode, maybe?). But hey, every synth these days needs to be IoT-ready! Hmmm, and every synth module…

Now, if they’d just make a version without a keyboard and with 12 rows of patch-point jacks (mainly outputs with a few general-purpose CV and gate inputs added to the matrix)…


Oscillators appear to offer ramp and pulse waveforms only. Prophet 12 is said to have sine, triangle, square and sawtooth. Perhaps the most talented will be able to coax every sound in the universe from two waveform choices. I’m not convinced that won’t be a bottleneck for some :slight_smile:


3 envelopes, but only one set of ADSR faders. Meh. I really dislike almost-but-quite-one-knob-per-function interfaces


VCO SWM depth? in the picture above


alpha juno style ‘saw width modulation’?




Without a known price? Or do you have more information?


Arrrghh, it lives ! :wink:


@FCD72 IS STILL ALIVE! :slight_smile:


Nope, no known Price, i just reserved one from my favorite Dealer. We expect it to be significant cheaper than a P8, so that fits perfect.


Word from one early evaluator is that this synth is monotimbral (like the Juno-106). It may be 12 voices of awesome but will have to be multi-tracked to achieve layers.