Behringer 12 voice synth


The trend for low cost seems to be to make small units. Less materials, smaller boxes for cheaper shipping and so on.

Will they risk minikeys?


It’s clearly full keys in the video. So far they seem to get pretty much everything right (except maybe the boring “analog waveform” oscillator section).


What we’ve seen are full-size keys.

My prediction is that it will be $1499 and that it will be a solid and well-built device with a nice keybed and good feeling controls.

They’re not going to price it too low initially because they’ll use their first synth as a way to change the quality perception of the Behringer brand.

Cheaper versions with less voices and smaller keys are likely to follow later


@pichenettes Did we see any details of the DCO section? I am still hoping for variable waveshapes or maybe crazy Alpha Juno style PWM on the saw…


More details here

I think t2k might be right on the price, my guess is £1500, maybe a little more given the FX engines are powered by TC ELECTRONIC & KLARK TEKNIK!


Mmmm that name is already taken.

TC Electronic and Klark Teknik are Behringer


Nice that they used a monochrome LCD instead of a full-color display with a horribly over-designed touch UI that everybody seems to use on their big workstation synths nowadays.


“TC Electronic and Klark Teknik are Behringer”

I did not know that, I learn something new every day :slight_smile:


FWIW, that’s a really shitty name. Ew. Also, the 90s wants their stupid CamelCased BrandName back.


DeepPockets might be an appropriate name for this synth, t2k :slight_smile:


Haha - DeepMind! Is this the ultimate trolling by Behringer? It’s been kinda fun with them sending out all these teasers. In my opinion, better to do that, then do one GAS-inducing video and then nothing for months (sometimes years) until the unit comes out. I’m not in the market for a synth like this, but it’s definitely cool to see another company jump into the mix with something that seems well thought out and complete.


Happy that they went with a proper-sized display here, looking at my various synths, most use 16x2, or slightly more(Supernova - gorgeous VFD, but a bit on the small-ish side. Not much though). Now for some synths 16x2 is all that you need, but for many, you really want more. A lot more. So, props to behringer for that.


Demo 5 appears to emphasize FX section is doing a lot of the sound design work.


Deep thought, the answer is 42.


If there’s a decent mod matrix then a display certainly helps.


“DeepMind” - well, still better name than “King KORG”, “Sub 37” or “Little Phatty”.


No, no, “DeepMind” is a hybrid English-German word that refers to their design philosophy of providing the deepest functionality for the least cost.


More info: “We build our own keybeds and don’t buy from external sources to ensure consistency and quality. The semi-weighted keybed which is used in the DeepMind 12 is designed and approved by Uli himself.”


To be honest: the keys of Behringer keyboards match the quality of more costly manufacturers.
Ok, the software and the pots suck, but the keys are awesome. I know a lot of people who cannibalized the keys of Behringer keyboards for repair of vintage stuff.


> “DeepMind” is a hybrid English-German word that refers to their design philosophy of providing the deepest functionality for the least cost.

Can you explain that one? I don’t get it.