Behringer 12 voice synth

Looks interesting

yes, it does look and sound extremely promising. some of the sounds in those videos remind me of my good old ju60 - but with 12 voices, two dcos and two lfos per voice, it looks to be much more versatile. so, potentially very exciting, especially at a behringer-like price point.

unfortunately, they have alienated a lot of people by keeping teasing this thing for months and months and months without ever doing a proper announcement of its feature set, pricing and release date. so chances are that when it does eventually get released, a lot of people may just have ceased to care…

There’s a lot of irate people on youtube calling for them to just announce it properly. Some even saying its vapourware or unfinished.

i doubt that it’s vaporware - probably just very clumsy marketing.

True, but it might be a very long way from completion.

Behringer was never ever known for bringing their products in time. Best example is the new DAW controller, i asked a friend (who has been working for B. until june) for the official release date and they really managed to reschedule the official release for two fucking years ! Now i am again owner of a MCU.
Even the ADA8200 was a year behind schedule…

Well, given their reputation as being a “cloner”, copying other brands, I guess they don’t have a well organised engineering team?

i doubt that very much :smiley:

(i.e. i’m pretty sure that behringer’s music group can rely on several rather well-organized engineering teams. still, a delay in this project does seem likely, given how early they started to tease this. apparently, this synth is being developed at midas. in the forums, uli behringer has decribed it as a ‘labor of love’ and stressed that he gave the team behind it carte blanche. maybe they got carried away, things got a little bit out of hand…)

There"clumsy marketing " has obviously created a lot of buzz around the instrument, its gained a post here for example.

Meanwhile, I wonder what the MI polysynth development team (code name “Devika”) is up to?

Ah ah there’s no such thing…

Oh yes, in my dreams there is

Seems like Behringer is really trying to get rid of their bad reputation. The sounds in the teasers were characterful and pleasant, so no issue here, so far. I remember many people were upset about the limited number of voices on other recent polysynths - but 12 voices don’t leave much to be wanted. The UI seems to be pretty organized, too. Without much menu diving, it seems.

So really, Behringer is doing a lot right here. Now I’m very interested in what this thing might cost. I mean, they’ve shown what they can do with the X32. This might just as well be the X32 of the synth segment.

It all depends on how limited the voice architecture is. The more capability the more costly it then gets to duplicate 12 of them.

In the case of the Minilogue they worked around some limitations (low number of LFOs) with a delay FX and sequencing of parameters.

Pretty sure that envelopes, LFOs, and all the modulation is going to be digitally generated, just like on the Minilogue.

The “limitation” with this architecture is mostly in the number of controls you want to put on the fron panel assuming you want to keep it one-knob-per-function.

i hope there is a osc to filter freq amount …from this a million flowers bloom

Just something new and original would be nice :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect something new here. Behringer wants to appeal to a wider market and they’d be stupid not offer a design that seems familiar.

True. But there’s plenty of analogue polys around now. With the minilogue Korg added something more interesting, sequencing of parameters.

Parameter sequencing is a killer feature, I think. Of course, Korg themselves implemented the idea in the MS2000 many years ago, before Elektron took it and ran with it.