Beginner building an Ambika?

On saturday we had a course and built an Shruthi - it’s working! This is the first synth i’ve made. After this i want to make an Ambika. What do you guys says: try it, or leave it to the pro’s?

Like i said :slight_smile: … it’s ambitious… and it was such a busy day i can’t remember exactly what the solder quality was for each of you… But you didn’t have to desolder anything right? That’s a good sign :wink:

But the greater the satisfaction :wink: I’m looking for other beginners so we can troubleshoot together.

You can do it. It’s the same as soldering Shruthi, just more parts. More also equals more likely you solder something wrong. But it’s possible… :smiley:

Take your time, follow the instructions carefully.

There’s not a kit available, so you will need to learn about BOMs and ordering parts.

Yeah i saw article numbers, so you can order the right parts. It will be a big challenge but i think it’s possible :d

Hi guys,

Now this year I want to begin an Ambika :). I’m not a pro but I had successfully built three Shruthi and two Anushri. So I now feel confident, but there’s one thing I’m not sure: on the page to buy Ambika I din’t find the availability of the atmega 644p and nothing too about the others, 328p.
This simple question, do I am oblidge to source it myself and flash it my self? cause I don’t have the piece of equipement to do that…



You can buy the flashed atmegas with the pcbs :slight_smile:

Hi flocked, I just went to see and found it.
it gonna be a good time for me !

And take some time to figure out which voice cards you want.

May the Force be with you……

I see that there are three flavors of voicecards: two styles of 4-pole filters (SMR4, warm with a soft edge ; and 4P, edgier), and a classic 2-pole multimode filter. Is there a demo where i can listen to the difference of these three options?

I found a comparison:

1st is SMR
2nd is SVF in LP mode
3rd is SVF in BP mode
4th is SVF in HP mode
5th is 4P

I love the SMR4 the most :slight_smile:

Btw, i want to make this kind of sounds: (made this with the Shruthi). Is the SMR4 a good choice for this?

Also love following sounds:

  • 0:01
  • 1:00

Are these made with the SMR4? If so, why are they talking about 4 poles settings?

They come from the Shruthi SMR4 filter board, which has a 2/4 pole switch.

The SMR4 on Ambika is slightly less punchy but you’ll get very close to these.

And yes, you’ll be able to make the “rave” sound, with even more thickness thanks to the unisson mode. Filter type does not matter much for such sounds…

Thank you so much for the help! I’m going for the SMR4 :slight_smile:

Does anyone know when they will be back in stock?

I see that there are 2 options:

Option 1: PCB
Option 2: PCB + microcontroller

When you go for option 2, you don’t have to program the microcontroller yourself? And i want 6 voices, do i need to order this 6x? And is 6 voices the max for 1 Ambika?