Befaco Output Module II DIY Kit Comments?

Are you OK, fcd72…?
Are you keeping your Waldorf collection?


Sure. I think ill split into 3 Piles: Live Setup, Studio Setup and Expendable. The Waldorf Collection clearly is in the Studio Setup. Im thinking about a PE3LE, P6 and maybe µQK as Live Setup - can’t go on stage without any Waldorf :wink:

@fcd72: you got any nice things that are Expendable? Some old PPG, a RackAttack, or some such perhaps? I shouldn’t get any more non-modular stuff, but you’ll never know…

I have a Rack Attack but its clearly in the Studio Setup - will be fun with the Sample Pad Pro thats on its way, to assuage my delusions of grandeur keeping up to Simon Phillips……. or even only the Volca Beats.

Mmm, Vodka Beats. That thing isn’t half bad once you fix the snare!