Befaco Output Module II DIY Kit Comments?

Anyone bought one of these kits?
I’ve had bad experience of a Befaco kit in the past (much commented-on at the time), but I want a DIY output module, and this appears to be the only show in town, unfortunately. Any comments on the quality of the kit from someone who’s bought and built one much appreciated.


Well they’re really good at their workshops but need (and i know they try) to improve their support and online service.

I think they’re used to solve a lot of troubles with the modules on the workshops, and that’s why sometimes documentation are upgraded, some pieces doesn’t seem to be the ones or just missed.

I’ll be attending this sunday at the Barcelona workshop if i can help you in some way just drop me a line.

That’s been my experience, too. I bought a Crush Delay kit, and several components were missing. I also found the quality of the panel pretty shoddy. They offered to give me the missing components and have a look at the module (I’d never managed to get it to work properly) at their next London workshop. They were generally helpful, I think, but I wasn’t generally impressed with the quality of the kit. It certainly wasn’t up to the standard of other Synth DIY projects I’ve bought.

I think I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, anyway, and get the Output kit, if only because there don’t seem to be any DIY alternatives out there. I find that slightly surprising, actually, now I think of it. I guess it’s just not that exciting a project. Very useful, nonetheless…


why do you want an output module? Any specific feature? Synthrotek have announced an output mixer (, the first batch of the MST range is already available so it shouldn’t take to long). And andrewF (nonlinearcircuits) made an output mixer with headphone out, which is available as pcb (the first 4 pics:

And doepfer has just announced a headphone module, not diy, but the price is hard to beat.

The question really is: what do you intend to use an output module for?

Well, I’m a Euro newbie, but I’ve come rather late to the realisation that Euro signal-levels tend to be above standard line-level, so I’d like to have some kind of attenuating buffer between my Euro gear and my soundcard.

Also, for standalone operation, a headphone socket is a boon.


pittsburgh modular outs

You can use a simple attenuverter or attenuator (aka known as Pot used as Voltage Divider) to adjust the level for your sound card. Or just get a proper Mixer that can stand a proper Signal - which also tend to have a Phone Amp ;) I use this one with my Modular much cheaper than a Module….

I don’t know if this will be of much/any use, but I recently got a GD105DA Soundlab 4 Channel Mixer from Amazon (currently not in stock… but it comes back in periodically) - it’s actually 2 mono mixers for some reason… so more useful for me than otherwise, as I can mix 4 things, send them out to an effect, and send that back to the other mixer.
The best thing? It was £20. I couldn’t work out how to build one for that price, so seems decent.

You can mod it pretty easily, it seems, too -

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pretty easy to eurorack, too… but I’m majorly running out of space… so it’ll have to wait for now.

I had a Soundcraft Spirit SX, years ago. I simply don’t have space for an analogue mixer, these days. It would also very much feel like a step backwards for me to go back to using an analogue mixer. I just want to patch directly into my sound card, at a level that won’t damage it.

I realise that many people on the forum are attracted to the idea of an all-hardware, computerless setup. I’m quite happy to mix in software. I like having certain types of music hardware around, but on the rare occasions I do actually make music, they’re treated as sound-sources, to be further sculpted, arranged and generally tweaked around with in software.


Have you seen the nw2s unbalanced output module? I just built one and it works nicely. Now i am sending my signals to a massive behringer mixer, but it should work well with a soundcard.

@sammy123 I did see that, but didn’t look into it in any detail.

I seem to recall someone writing that the multicore cables you need for it are really expensive. Is this the case?

It does look like it might be what I need.


it might also be massive overkill for my modest Euro setup… :wink:


Only further info I got is Befaco´s outputmodule isn´t balanced. (Asked via e-mail). I got their Joystick, and it´s a very pleasant module working with. Compared to other available joysticks I like its always-back-to-middle-position-after-release behaviour (Arcade joystick). This even allows for arrow-impact like modulation. Pleasing companion to stay-where-released-joysticks. On a building note, I cannot tell exactly, because I had it assembled by a professional assembler. Even like the panelquality and the overall appearance. Only “issue” had been the holes for LED being a bit too small, though this could be cured through some easy work.

Toneburst, the cables are $50-60. It’s kinda overkill for me to, but I had to do something with the overkill mixer I have :wink:

Just use 2 Resistors as Voltage Divider to attenuate the Modulars Level, you can squeeze them in the Jack of the Cable that connects your Modular to your Soundcard. If all digital MausSchubserei™ is you way to happiness then go for it! In the end its the Music that matters no matter if you have a 5088, a 2,75 Channel Behringer or just record with 2 Resistors as Attenuator directly to your Soundcard.

I had this blinding flash of the obvious right today after a night with friends bringing a Cajón, an Ovation , the local Version of Rumer and my fully analog Piano doing some of the 80ies Songs.

I guess i have a lot to sell now……

@fcd72, don’t do it! I got rid of nearly everything, kept the Rhodes, a few years ago and then kicked myself for it. Ended up buying all sorts of new (for me) stuff, so it wasn’t a total loss, but the “oh oh” moment was a bit traumatic. Oh, and I use a Circuit Abby Unify for output.

Dont Panic. The VS will stay. If i had a Rhodes this also…. but theres a lot of stuff that rarely gets used and the idea is to get rid of it and replace it with something that will be used every day like a P6….

What about the barton bmc 015 vca/mixer? if i’m right, what looks to be nice about it, is when you want something separate in your sound-card you can use its separate out, this removes that channel from your mixed output.

about the attenuating resistor jack cable, I’m thinking of buying a roland pm-16 or alesis trigger I/o. I have no id how to calculate resistor value’s, do you have an id where to start?

I can’t give you any hints as i don’t know about the output of your Modular and the Input of your Receiving Device - whatever this might be.
Just use a 100k Pot to try. Or get something like this. Or better this , you will need it anyways…