Beads: Wobbly attenurandomizers

Hello all,
Purchased a Beads module the other day, and it’s great, just amazing, but, all the attenurandomizer knobs are wobbly :frowning:
Especially the dry/wet knob… It doesn’t cause any problems in function, I think, but it makes me worried regarding the future.
I am covered by warranty, but, I thought I’d mention it, because if it’s expected behavior and it’s just these knobs are made, I would much rather keep it that part with it…
Thanks for your input,

Do you have other Mutable Instruments modules with the same parts? Other modules from other brands with similar parts? How does it compare to these?

I love Emilie and her modules, but unfortunately it’s my first Mutable product.
I do have a Eudemonia module with small knobs and they are much more sturdy, but you know, different products etc.
I don’t want to send it back to the place I bought it from ( and have them say it’s perfectly normal etc. That would only waste everyone’s time, plus, you don’t throw away a juicy apple because the shape is a bit weird…

I suspect it’s just the way the module is built…

The Eudemonia has only 4 of these pots next to each other (likely to be exactly the same part) – there is less risk of misalignment and I guess they can get away with a 6.2mm hole in the panel.

In the case of Beads, there are 7 parts over a wider area, for the panel to fit you need larger holes (6.6mm) - which also means a larger opening for the pot to wiggle away from its axis.


Yes, that’s what I needed to hear.
Of course I do have a 12 month warranty from the shop, and they are authorized resellers of Mutable Instruments so they should be able to help me out if the need arises, but the stock just depletes in the blink of an eye and I don’t know if there will be replacements down the line. It will have to do for the time.
Thanks for your time.

EDIT: OMG I just figured out who you are, greetings, salutations, respect and love!

but besides the front panel drilling, have you ever changed the actual model of the pot?

I feel that my beads, stages and Veils 2020 are all having that „light“ feeling to turn the knobs / wobbly and on my other modules like blinds, elements, tides v2 they feel more sturdy (harder to turn)

would like to get some insights :ramen:

No, same supplier, same part.

Human beings see patterns where there is just randomness.


indeed! checked today and with that in mind, they all feel the same, I can drift ‚em but it’s the angle and the action in some patches, me vibing. :dagger:

good choice of shop, they could say that, but most prob they also would offer you to change it for another new one(if still in stock), etc… that is at least my experience with them, they are really eager to help. great guys running that shop there…

i have a new build Beads, and many other Mutable modules. the Beads stick pots are a little-tiny-bit more freely wiggable. nothing to worry about. you need to go quite a bit farther to incur any mechanical or electrical disruptions on these types of parts. plastic shafts are more forgiving than metal. the only module that isn’t wiggly is my Elements with a very tight magpie black panel on it. either hole diameter, or poor paint masking caused this - haven’t gone back to ream the holes out.

Thanks for the replies people. I have decided to keep the module but treat the specific knob a bit gentler than all the others.
Looking to buy some more MI modules now, thinking about Rings but everyone and their grandmother does the Rings → Beads (or Clouds) combo and even though it sounds delicious, it’s just too common.
I will snatch Ripples at some point (if it’s available by Christmas) because I love the feature with the gain that will allow me to bring my Lyra-8 signal into the rack AND filter it at the same time. Pure gold.

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More generally I only have a handful of Beads and Veils orders to finish, after that it’s over! Plaits and Ripples will be very soon marked as discontinued.

I just got it from It seems to be in stock there for anyone interested.

I mean, who needs food on a daily basis right? I’ve read that a human being can go for weeks without a bite and November is almost over anyway.

it doesn’t matter what other folks do with Rings and Clouds, it what you do with it that matters. :0)

I have two sets of Rings and one Clouds and one Beads; one set on each rig. idk what other folks do with them, I only listen to my own stuff, and I don’t record; but I like what they do regardless of whether it’s well trod ground or not. my time is my own, and I aim to enjoy it to the max.

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That is good advice, thanks.

I guess you’re right, but it feels like I’m late to the party and everyone is already drunk.

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yeah, I felt the same way with Plaits. I’ve got it in my racks, and many of the models as a plugins on my Prologue 16. I love it, but everyone else had already hooted about it a couple of year before I got to it; old hat!

I’m just getting started with granular synthesis, so you’ve got company. My Mutable modules will be with me for many years to come as major components of my explorations. they are best-in-class for me. I am sad to see the innovations end. they’re what keep me very excited about my Prologue and my modular rigs.