Beads wavetable mode documentation doesn't mention time knob

I tried using the wavetable synth mode of Beads for the first time tonight and noticed that in addition to the feedback knob controlling the wavetable selection, the Time knob also appears to either select within a given wavetable or perhaps interpolate across different parts of the wavetable.

I don’t see this documented anywhere.

It’s not clear to me if Time is also acting in its normal capacity on the wet signal or not.

This is implied: if the buffer is loaded with a wavetable, isn’t it obvious that selecting the position within the buffer will scan the wavetable?

I didn’t consider that “granularizes a collection of internally stored buffers of raw waveforms from Mutable Instruments Plaits’ wavetable model” meant actually loading those stored buffers into the recording buffer. With that in mind, yes, it makes sense.