Beads volume

I just bought beads but I’m having some problems with volume. When the ‘size’ parameter is open (in any direction, except infinity), and the density parameter is also turned towards CW or CCW the sound from the input or buffer gets suddenly amplified by a factor 3 or something like that in strange bursts. Is that normal? If one of the two knobs is near the neutral position there’s no problem. Also, the volume coming out the stereo out is very loud (patched to an analog mixer).

Can you post a video of this?

Also, please note that the setting you describe does not practically make sense: you are asking the module to generate a grain at audio rate (ie, up to 100 new grains per second), and to make each grain last several seconds. This would require a polyphony of several hundred voices.

This is normal for a Eurorack module, the output level (~ 10Vpp) can be up to 10 times regular line level (~ 1Vpp), the gain on a mixer or audio interface will have to be turned close to the minimum.

Hello Pichenettes, I made the video but I can’t get it to upload here. The upload button of this reply can only select photo’s and I also can’t paste it or upload it from a folder on my iPhone.

In trying to recreate this patch I think it’s combination of particulars that caused this ultra dynamic behaviour. A short percussive sound with lots of high frequencies, triggering also the seed input with the note, the feedback at 2 o’clock, fully wet signal. And then turning the size button or modulate it randomly, while the density button is at 9 o’clock or earlier.

With the dry/wet control at 50% the effect is a bit more extreme.

hello, sorry for the inconvenience I’m new. i don’t know if it’s a problem i still am ignorant in the beads. Is it normal that when I turn the DRY / WET knob to maximum the volume disappears?

What do you mean by “disappear”? When that knob is set to the maximum, you only hear the generated grains. Depending on the grain duration, density, envelope, and the delay set by TIME, the resulting signal might be louder or quieter than the dry signal.

understood, surely something wrong me, turning the knob to the right the volume slowly disappears

It means no grains are generated then.

How are you seeding the grains? With an external trigger? internally?