Beads - Volume of output during performance

Hey all!

It seems if I have an audio signal in, with wet and reverb set to 0, i get a predictable volume of output from Beads.

If I then mix in the wet signal for a while then dial wet back to zero, the output volume is quiet on the passing signal, then over time increases. Anyone know a way to improve this performance? It is okay for some kinds of audio but if for example I am running a beat through Beads it is very noticable if the vlume fluctuates so much.


No, you’ll have to tweak the settings of the output limiter once I release the code.

Are you planning any official firmware updates for Beads before open sourcing? Or is the current firmware the final one?


Thanks - not that I was expecting any. Just been wondering why it hasn’t been open sourced yet as I see some potential for alternative firmwares with it!

Hi. Are you saying that I will need to change the programming myself to fix this?

Yes. There is no “fix” that would ever make everyone happy. For example, Clouds dealt with this situation with a soft-clipper: no drop in loudness, but distortion as more and more grains were added – this might be more acceptable to you, but not to everyone.

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