Beads “undocumented” mode found by accident

I was feeling lazy and hitting buttons and combos at random trying to remember how to adjust the input gain manually on my Beads when after one button combo there was a change in the lights on the unit that seemed to indicate something, but I don’t know what. I had pressed the A and M buttons simultaneously, then the 3 indicator lights for the J, K and L knobs all slowly began to fade in and out in unison. Also the indicator light for the A button changed to green. While in this state the freeze and seed buttons work but the indicator lights are unresponsive and remain on or off depending on their state before entering this “hidden” state/mode. If you press the A button its indicator light turns to yellow, and then one more press of the A button seems to exit this mode indicated by the J, K and L lights flashing three times. I have only recently purchased my Beads and do not own a Clouds either so I can’t say what if anything changes in how the audio is processed while in this “mode” as I’m still learning what all the knobs and buttons do normally. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else had stumbled upon this or had any info on its purpose or function.

You were manually setting the CV amounts, I think (page 7 of the manual)?

It is undocumented because it is the calibration procedure and unless something is wrong with your power supply, you will never have to do it.

Beads has no Easter eggs, please don’t try silly things to find them (you could have stumbled upon a more destructive thing).


Oh, I see, thanks for the reply. No more mashing buttons for me, I promise. I’ve been having so much fun with Beads I’d be really pissed at myself if I screwed it up. Thanks again!

Crud, I accidentally did this, holding button “M” and then “A”–(I meant to turn on the trigger on the right out but forgot the combo)–while I was in the wavetable mode.

There were CV values going in the PITCH input, I hit one of the buttons again and it exited. Did I mess up the calibration?

EDIT: Things seem to be ok. It seems to take a long time to go into wavetable mode, sometimes it doesn’t do it at all and the fix seems to be to take out all connections and wait.

The read values have to be reasonably close to 1V and 3V for the calibration data to be modified and saved. If not, the module will just go back to normal.

Probably because you have FREEZE enabled?

Thank you, that’s reassuring.

And the wavetable mode wasn’t starting because the right-out-pulse mode was on.

Are you sure? These are independent feature – you can use the right-out pulse in wavetable mode of course, to get a trigger for each (wavetable) grain.

Yes, just tested it: If wavetable is on, you can turn on right-out-pulse.
But if right-out-pulse is on, wavetable won’t turn on. (I waited thirty seconds.)
You have to turn off right-out-pulse, then wait, then when wavetable kicks in, turn it back on.

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The module waits for silence on both outputs before switching – it doesn’t depend effectively on the mode! For example, you can have the pulse mode enabled and it’ll still switch if no pulse is emitted.

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