Beads: Right Chanel noise from speed/density

Hi, I have this problem with my first batch Beads, there is a noise when using speed/density, it’s like an OSC microsampler that comes out only from the Right channel in stereo and from the Left in mono, the rest seems to work fine but with this noise nothing can be done, I have updated firmware several times and the problem continues

Is there a way to do a buffer reset or something? what can this be? it is strange that only one Right is heard in stereo

I attach a video where you can listen

Thanks for the help


This is not a problem. Please don’t update the firmware for no reason!

From the user manual:

Hold the button [M] and press the SEED button [C] to enable (or disable) the generation of a grain trigger signal on the R output. A patch cable will have to be inserted in the R output for this to work without affecting the L output!

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ohh thank you for responding so quickly, I knew it would be my problem, sorry for the inconvenience, now everything is working perfectly, spectacular support, I hope you are well, I send you a lot of positive energy