Beads - release announcement

Greetings from Vancouver! I just picked up my Beads a few hours ago.

Émilie. Bravo! I’m always amazed by how the Mutable modules so carefully balance the relationship between UI clarity and depth. Beads is no exception. It’s a great module and I think you achieved the goal of addressing Clouds’ limitations-- but this module goes so far beyond. Beads is deep without being confusing. It’s immediate, playable, and totally fun. It’s an instant classic and you should be proud of your work on this design.

I know this may be the final MI module (I’m sure I’m not alone in not so secretly wishing this isn’t the case) but I want to thank you for how much you’ve given to the modular community over the years. It’s a remarkable body of work which clearly has had a huge impact. Thank you!


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wow, this looks great.

i must confess that i never quite shared the widespread excitement for clouds, but this is a different beast and will be my gateway into the whole live granular thing.

Dang-- I was in a class all day yesterday, and just heard about this… Looks like the first batch may be pretty much spoken for. Perfect Circuit is taking preorders for the next batch cited as “Late May.” Guess that’s when I’ll be getting mine…

Looks really good tho-- congrats!

Posted this on Muff’s, but felt compelled to cross-post here:

Not to exacerbate the hype, but I’ve seriously never been more inspired by a module in my 12 years in euro. It evokes so much. From gnarly Emptyset feedback tails, to early Autechre Ensoniq-style downsampling, to lush Strymon shimmers, to late 2000’s beat mangling plug-ins, to early ragga jungle time stretching/ comb fingering, to straight up Xanakis/ Ligeti vibes and so much left to explore. Been compulsively making tracks since yesterday. This thing sincerely rips. Thank you, Émilie!


Which is why you didn’t get a beta unit, and ultimately why endurance’s bug never got detected :smiley:


This is where I am sending straight in in a simple sine sequence and omg the beauty of it. The reverb gives it a concert hall feel. Absolutely fantastic.

Thank you @pichenettes Congratulations on an immense success.


well it’s not as though i couldn’t also test stuff i’m not completely fascinated with. :grin:
(after all, that’s my day job)

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Just ordered one from Juno in the UK. Looks like they’re the only place here with any stock at the moment. Looking forward to a weekend of sonic exploration. :smiley:

Got mine today. Happy. Even more happy with the toy. A wooden bell. If there’s no power, I still can make music on a “Mutable-Original”. :partying_face:


Got mine!!

I’m supposed to be working from home this afternoon, but my mind’s on other things…


Wow !! A new cat ???


The cat is quite new, actually. Not as new as the Beads he’s modelling, though.


Wow, looks fantastic. I love it. Amazing features and lovely design. I think it’s a bit huge though. Looks like 42 hp? Meh. 8hp plus barkbark features would be nice.

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Damn. Looks like I didn’t get in on Perfect Circuit’s first batch. Second batch doesn’t ship until May. :cry:

@pichenettes I’m curious about the pitching shifting quality/algorithm and how it differs from the original.

Which pitch shifting are you talking about?

I guess I’m just asking about the general way Beads handles pitch compared to clouds. Maybe this is a stupid question.

Ah okay. I was wondering because Clouds had a pitch-shifter secret mode, which is no longer there in Beads.

There is no pitch-shifting when playing back grains: increasing the pitch just speeds up or slows down the playback. The interpolation algorithm used in Beads is better than in Clouds (less aliasing when playing at a lower rate).

Ah perfect! Thank you!