Beads question (beat slicing mode and quantizing the buffer)


A friend and I have been trying to get time-quantized repeats in the delay/ slice mode, without much success. Are we correct in assuming this is because the buffer size is not tied to the clock in any way?

In other words: In high quality mode, we get 4 seconds of buffer time, but that does not determine an even sub division of said buffer, nor start time of when the buffer begins to record, regardless of a clock to seed or freeze? Hope that’s a clear enough explanation of my question.

The duration between slices is determined by the interval between clock pulses on the SEED input. For example, if the pulses arrived with a 0.6s interval, the slices are:

  • 0 to -0.6s (ie, the last 0.6s of audio played in the module before FREEZE was pressed).
  • -0.6s to -1.2s (ie, the 0.6s of audio that preceded the first slice).
  • -1.2s to -1.8s
  • -3.0s to -3.6s

Note that the remaining 0.4s of audio in the buffer are unaddressed.

Unless I misunderstand your question, I don’t think the duration of the buffer has an impact on the alignment of the slices. In particular, the module does not try to round down the duration of a slice to fit N equal duration slices in a 4s buffer - the duration of the slices matches the interval of the clock pulses.

It doesn’t matter, because the slices are not aligned with respect to the point when recording starts, but with respect to the point when recording stops, ie when FREEZE is pressed!

In other words, to get time-quantized slices you need to:

  • Send clock pulses to SEED with the right tempo.
  • Stop recording (= press FREEZE) in sync with a beat.

Thanks! Getting better results now!