Beads problems

Hi, I bought a beads module a week ago and I’m having some problem. The feedback does not work and the freeze button never blink. Can you help me?

  1. What makes you think that the feedback doesn’t work? Are you sure the settings of the module are not such that feedback has no effect (for example very large TIME)?

  2. When do you expect the freeze button to blink?

Hi, thanx for answering. It seems that when I turn the knob nothing happened, I’ll try what you suggest, maybe I’m not really in to it yet. I’ve seen many tutorials and every time the freeze is enabled I can see that it blinks (I don’t know what does it means), it never happens to me so I’m trying to understand. Sorry I’m not very experienced in modular system, just dealing with it since few months.

Try reading this! Beads - feedback control (knob J)

Oh I see what you mean.

When FREEZE is enabled for more than 10s, the module will save the content of the buffer in the background. The FREEZE LED blinks while this takes place.

People found it distracting, so in the more recent version of the firmware (which your module runs if you got it recently), I replaced this blinking by a faint dimming.

Many thax, you are so kind.