Beads Pitch Shift Latency

I can’t seem to find any information about this, but does anyone else have issues with latency on the Beads? I was hoping that I could do real-time pitch shifting/harmonizing but the wet portion of the signal seems to come in quite a bit later when it is pitch shifted.

If anyone has any information on this let me know! Maybe there is a specific knob configuration or some kind of setting to optimize.


Are you using the module in delay or granular mode?

In Granular mode, the latency is controlled by TIME. Keep in mind that time travel is not possible, if you want to transpose up by 1 octave (= play the grain twice as fast), some latency will be necessary to gather enough material in the buffer.

In Delay mode, the rotary head pitch shifter has a latency of 2048 samples.

Thanks for your reply!

If I am understanding correctly, I believe I’m in granular mode, since the grain size is not fully CW.

There’s something quite specific I’m trying to achieve. Maybe you have some advice.

The setup involves sending a single C note from a max/msp patch into four separate Beads module. Notes from a MIDI keyboard are converted to CV and sent to the pitch of each Beads. So this is a 4-voice granular harmonizer.

I have it working and it sounds incredible, but I am not quite able to get the Beads/harmonized notes tight to the main input note.

Do you have a recommendation regarding how I could specifically dial the knobs in to minimize latency to its absolute lowest while being pitched sometimes as much as +/- 2 octaves?

Okay, I’ll try to be more clear.

In granular mode, Beads doesn’t do pitch-shifting. It does variable speed playback. This alters the pitch of the sound by changing the playback speed. Generally what we mean by “pitch-shifting” is any algorithm that alters the pitch without changing the speed.

This means that in order to play for the duration of one second, a grain one octave above the original material, the module has to wait to record two seconds of material. So your 1s, 1 octave grain will be delayed by one second.

Maybe for what you want to do you should try to use the delay mode. Otherwise, Beads is not for what you want to do.

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