Beads' Pitch CV problem

I’m having lots of fun with the new Beads module and cannot get enough of it since it arrived yesterday. I’m having one little issue, though. As soon as I plug any kind of V/Oct CV control into the Pitch patching point on the Beads the tuning goes out of whack by 25cents. It doesn’t matter whether I use Matriarch’s CV Out or a midi keyboard through Polyend’s Poly2 and its CV Out, the issue is the same. As soon as I plug anything into the Pitch CV on the Beads the Pitch goes 25cents out of tune. Any ideas how to fix this? Is it possible that my unit is miscalibrated out of factory?

  1. I’m aware of the fact, that you can use Beads’ Pitch knob to tune it, but even if I do manage to get it right, as soon as I pull the cable out of the Pitch CV it’s 25cents out of tune the other way around…
  2. I’ve been using mostly its internal waveform granules to have fun until now and it works great and stays in tune as long as I don’t plug anything into the Pitch CV In.
  3. When the pitch knob is dead centre and there’s nothing patched into the Pitch CV in, Beads is dead-on in tune. As soon as I plug any cv-tracking voltage from any source into Pitch CV in it goes out of tune by around 25 cents.
  4. Checked other modules by MI that I own (Plaits) and there are no similar issues, it’s perfectly in tune whether v/Oct is plugged or not - there’s just no difference in tuning.

Does it happen in granular processing mode, or with the wavetable synth?

I’ve been using it only in wavetable synth mode up until now, with no external audio input. Had so much fun that didn’t even arrive at processing external signals yet.

I don’t have access to a module to check this, but as far as I remember the calibration procedure is:

  • Press both buttons (assign and quality mode)
  • 1V on the PITCH CV input
  • Press quality button
  • 3V on the PITCH CV input
  • Press quality button again
  • 1V on the DENSITY CV input
  • Press quality button
  • 3V on the DENSITY CV input
  • Press quality button again

Let me know if this works!


Thank you, Émilie, for a quick and perfect solution to my problem! That surely did the trick. My module is now perfectly in tune. :relaxed:

Thanks for this, I had the exact same issue and this fixed it. Loving Beads so far!