Beads makes noise when the input cable is left floating

Please check this video… this is the noise that I am getting from Beads

What happens if you manually decrease the input level in Beads (hold audio quality button and turn the feedback knob) ?

This is the normal behavior of the module with an unpatched cable. Not only the input is left floating, but the input gain will be increase a lot to try to pick up a signal.

This noise will disappear once you connect the input to an output with a reasonable output impedance.

If you want to make usable noise measurements, please connect both tip and sleeve on the other end of your cable to ground. Don’t leave it floating. And disable auto-gain.

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I should add that this applies to most Mutable Instruments modules: their behavior can be strange when a cable is connected to an input, but not connected to anything on the other end… even more when you touch the cable with your finger tip!


Can it damage any modules by doing this,? If not, time to find new noises!

No, it won’t damage anything…