Beads makes a clicking sound when seed is pressed

I recently received my Beads after a long waiting time. Now every time i press Seed button i hear a distorted clicking sound, similar what you hear when you accidentially drop a needle on a vinyl record. No matter what I do it does not seem to go away, and nothing affects to it. I have tried with all kinds of combinations and different sound sources and it´s internal oscilator also. Every time Seed is activated, either manually by pressinng a button, or by sending triggers to Seed input or in latched mode generating grains with density knob. Allways there is that loud clicking sound. If i turn Density knob to full CCW it even becoms kinda like oscillator because clicks happen so fast.

Is there anything i can do with this issue?

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Read the manual!

Hold the button [M] and press the SEED button [C] to enable (or disable) the generation of a grain trigger signal on the R output. A patch cable will have to be inserted in the R output for this to work without affecting the L output!

This was it!

I´m so happy this was user error from my part!

Thank you!

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As an aside, this feature of having the generation of a grain be able to send a trigger on the R output is EXTREMELY useful for setting up events “downstream” in your patch that are in sync with the sowing of grains in Beads - I encourage you to explore it!